Why Mini Cats?

The Minicat Advantage

Minicat vs Monohull

More beam means more useable space inside a minicat, and around the decks. Without the ‘pointed’ shape of the bow of a monohull, a minicat gains considerable space where our casting decks are giving our minicats a massive advantage when it comes to usable space.

Minicats Stability

A Minicats twin hulls focus the buoyancy around the outside of the boat, rather than in the middle, creating much greater stability. Very beamy monohulls do exist and they can be a pleasure to sail in. They do, however, produce a much greater wetted surface, which produces more drag and consequently affects fuel economy. The flatter deadrise of a beamy monohull also compromises its rough water attributes and dryness from bow spray.

Less HP Needed

Minicats have up to 6 pontoons and only use up 250mm of water making them plain with virtually no acceleration. What does this mean? This means that you need less HP and get better fuel economy out of your minicat compared to traditional mono hulls.

More Volume

Minicats have a bigger beam and get up to 15% more volume companred to a mono hull which gives you more space for casting, fishing and storage in your boat.