450 Powercat receives rave review in NZ Fishing News

In the realm of boating and fishing, finding the perfect vessel that combines performance, functionality, and comfort is every angler’s dream. Our 450 Centre Console has been reviewed and featured in NZ Fishing News magazine.

The 450 Centre Console has taken the fishing world by storm since its introduction, setting a new benchmark for fantastic fishability, stability and redefining what anglers can expect from a fishing vessel under 5m. From its sleek design to its fishing-friendly features, this boat has been crafted to meet the needs of avid anglers who demand the utmost performance and versatility on the water.  Easy to manage on your own, or with friends and family the 450 can do it all.

The comprehensive review by NZ Fishing News dives deep into the 450 Centre Console, exploring its standout features, performance capabilities, and overall suitability for various fishing environments. Grant were particularly impressed by the boat’s stability, maneuverability, and stability at rest.

The NZ Fishing News review praises the boat’s performance, emphasizing its ability to handle varying sea conditions. With its exceptional ride quality and impressive fuel efficiency, the 450 Centre Console proves to be an ideal companion for extended fishing trips, enabling anglers to reach their desired fishing spots quickly and comfortably.


As well as the video below, you can read the review online on the fishing.net.nz website.

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